SlideRocket’s Online Presentations Open to the Public

18 Sep
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When Mashable first covered SlideRocket, it was in private testing. Finally in open beta, SlideRocket is proving to be a beautiful and easy to use tool for creating full featured presentations.

SlideRocket offers you the ability to create presentations online using its full featured Web application. You can add charts, graphs, images, animations, special effects, lighting effects and more to the slides. You can also play around with the text, and it offers a downloadable desktop application for viewing the slides offline. SlideRocket also works with a variety of platforms.

When the private testing phase started I’d gotten an invite, but declined. At the time I was too busy to really play around with it and give good testing feedback. Boy do I wish I’d started playing with it way back then! They have had a few glitches today since opening their doors to the public, but overall it has gone off without a hitch. I’d say this application beats the pants off PowerPoint and is really going to give KeyNote a run for its money as well.

The main issue I’ve had today is a number of freezes while trying to use the service.  I’m going to assume this is being caused by the number of people trying out this new shiny object. I have a number of presentations to create in the coming weeks, and I plan to try using SlideRocket for them, so I’ll know soon enough if the freezes are a strictly opening day issue.

If you haven’t checked out SlideRocket yet, you should. It gives you a fully featured place to create presentations online, right down to importing of Google Docs spreadsheets and including special effects in your slides. I’m quite impressed with how easy it is to use and how elegant the presentation is. You have to love a beta that launches that is both useful and has a great user interface. SlideRocket seems to have accomplished both goals, giving us an application that matters in a pretty package.

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