15 Exercise Video Tutorial Sites to Pump You Up

02 Aug

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arnold schwarzeneggerSeveral of us here at Mashable enjoy working out, mostly to combat “the blogger 15,” but we also realize it is easy to get bored with the same exercises.  We’ve put together a list of 15 sites with exercise videos that are bound to liven up your routine.

There’s no need to invest in expensive DVDs you’ll watch only once when you have a wealth of instructional videos at your fingertips. Try these and let us know which ones work for you. – 5min has video tutorials for just about everything, and they have a large section for fitness, stretching, yoga and more.

    about – The well-known source for information on just about every subject you can think of has a well developed sports section with numerous articles and videos on different types of exercises.


BeYou.TV – You can choose to pay a monthly subscription for streaming access to their videos or you can purchase videos to download to your iPod, Zune or TV to watch when and where you want.

    ehow – A site covering an enormous selection of tutorials on various subjects with videos mixed in with the text lessons. (Disclosure: eHow is a previous sponsor of Mashable events)

    expertvillage – Broken down by activity, each group has multiple videos and you can rate them on their effectiveness.

    healthclubtv – A UK-based fitness site that lets you pay as you go. Has videos for just about every form of exercise you can think of.

    instructables – Another catch-all style video instructional site that has a large assortment of exercise videos to help you out.

    musclehack – Various weight lifting videos interspersed with many other exercise and muscle building tips.

    mypypeline – Gives you several free tools to track your progress and has a wide variety of training videos, but all must be rented or purchased to get access to the full video. Videos are also formatted for iPods so that you can easily take them anywhere with you.

    pumpedvideo – Numerous instructional videos demonstrating proper form for various weight lifting exercises.

    sclipo – A large collection of workout videos with fresh suggestions, such as how to use a children’s swing to work on your abs.

    sutree – A catch-all site for video tutorials on all sorts of subjects with numerous results for exercise, workouts and more.

    videojug – Has a wide range of tutorials for all sorts of fitness activities including unusual activities such as cheerleading and kiting.

    videotutorialspot – Numerous tutorials for sports such as basketball, lacrosse, running weight training and more.

    wikihow – A Wiki-based site filled with instructional information on any number of subjects with videos sprinkled throughout.

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