Daily inspiration: 10 Websites to get design inspiration

22 Aug
Antonio via woork shared by 5 people

Are you looking for design inspiration for your next web project? Take a look at these websites:

1. The New York Moon -
Beauty newspaper style, nice illustrations.

2. The Aardvark Brigade -
Big attention to details, great design.

3. The National Archive Experience -
Another fantastic SecondStory project with an awesome Flash interface.

4. Natalia Devalle -
Elegant, clean, handwritten style. Nice wood texture for background.

5. EdgePoint Church -
Nice design and color scheme.

6. Slabovia Tv -
Nice site with newspaper style.

7. Rob Morris -
I like the animated face :)

8. Cabedge -
Clean and elegant site for this Web Design & Development company

9. Karim Zurita -
Essential an clean style for the site of this web designer and developer.

10. Freelenz -
Nice vintage style :)

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