Google Poll: According to Scientists…

18 Aug
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According to scientists:

  • New data could help Canada stake claim to a highly disputed area of the Arctic seabed
  • People can see the future
  • An octopus has only six arms
  • Ugly Betty will never come out on top
  • Dogs pick up yawning from their owners
  • Neanderthals and modern humans shared an ancient ancestor who lived about 660,000 years ago
  • Elderly people should take probiotic supplements
  • Only about 20 percent of the energy stored in a car’s gas tank is available to propel the vehicle
  • The North Pole may be completely ice-free later this summer as global warming melts Arctic ice
  • Only 4% of the total energy density in the universe can be accounted for
  • Chlorine is one of the most toxic natural elements
  • The gingerols in Aframomum are related to the properties in ginger that prevent nausea
  • The very first organisms to dare engage in sex were more like Adam and Steve than Adam and Eve
  • The Sun is pretty big; the Moon, however, is not so big
  • Men are not going extinct
  • Comets are balls of ice and rock made of debris left over from the formation of the outer planets some 4.6 billion years ago
  • A human brain is capable of processing an enormous amount of information
  • The mosquito alone spreads more disease and causes more health problems for more people than any other single entity
  • Humans may have occupied Oregon’s diverse landscapes for more than 15,000 years
  • Electromagnetic field hypersensitivity currently affects about 3% of the population
  • Holbox has the highest concentration of whale sharks in the world
  • Mosses once grew and insects crawled in what are now barren valleys in Antarctica
  • A total solar eclipse will occur on August 1, 2008 and it can be witnessed from the entire territory of Vietnam
  • Meandering streams occur when a flowing river or stream cannot dig its channel any deeper as if it flows over
  • As the beam containing the song propagates across the universe, the signal could theoretically be picked up by anyone or anything with the right equipment
  • Kangaroo farts are fighting global warming, thanks to a special bacteria in their stomachs
  • 4,500,000,000 years ago our little planet was born
  • The latest findings indicate that Earth is warming faster than at any time in the last 10,000 years
  • The husks of the cocoa beans that chocolate is made from contains an antibacterial agent that fights plaque
  • A positive outlook is not enough
  • At least 52 new species of animals and plants have been identified this past year on the island of Borneo
  • Conservationists should become palm oil farmers themselves
  • The world’s chocolate supplies are under serious threat
  • The Mars Phoenix lander uncovers ice
  • California at the time had the dirtiest air in the nation, and today, 90 percent of Californians still breathe unhealthful air
  • Wild flowers could provide environmentally friendly biofuel
  • A daily dose of yummy dark chocolate may help patients suffering from the chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Hidden talents can be stimulated using magnetism
  • Water cooling beats air-cooled systems
  • Birds have the right equipment for emotion

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