Reblog: Comments Can Be Blog Posts

25 Aug
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Comments Can Be Blog Posts

We think so too.

A lot of great conversation goes on in comments that shouldn’t be stuck behind the fold. Publishing these back to traditional blogs is a great way to bring attention to great content. It needs to happen more often.

That’s why we’ve been trying to make it even easier.

Announcing Reblogging on DISQUS

Now on comments throughout DISQUS, you can find a reblog link where you can publish a quotation of the comment to your blog. This quote is cited with the original author, the blog where it originally appeared, and a link back to the original comment to give the discussion full context.

At the moment, we’re supporting publishing to Wordpress, Movable Type, TypePad, and Tumblr with more platforms to come.

So next time you see a comment that everyone really needs to read, give it a whirl. We’re excited to see more good content bubble to the surface.

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