10 Fonts to design original logos

04 Sep
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Are you a designer looking for nice fonts to design high quality logos? Take a look at these 10 free fonts you might use to design impressive logos for your customers.

This collection includes Unit Rounded Bold, Helvetica Neue, Qlassik, Punk's not dead, Chica Monospace, Kyra Lynn, Nicotine, Light Out, Anja Eliane and Danube.

1. Unit Rounded Bold (download)
A rounded font to design Facebook-like logos.

2. Helvetica Neue (download)
Helvetica Neue is absolutely the font I prefer in this collection. Clean and professional:

3. Qlassik (download)
Another font I like very much:

4. Punk's not dead (download)
Punk's not deat is "dirty" font to design grunge logos:

5. Chica Monospace (download)
A font with an optimal legibility and an elegant style:

6. Kyra Lynn (download)
Kyra Lynn is another "dirty" font for grunge logos:

7. Nicotine (download)
A bold font for big logos:

8. Light Out (download)

9. Anja Eliane (download)
Anja Eliane is a bold rounded box. Best result in medium-big size.

10. Danube (download)
A courious font for modern logo design.

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