Damon is Exactly Right about Palin

13 Sep
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Normally I hate it when actors, musicians or any kind of celebrity attempt to talk about politics. It's not that I necessarily think they don't know what they're talking about (that's only true most of the time), but it's more that they have so much power in what they say because they are famous and millions of idiots are greatly influenced by what they say.

That said, I could not agree more with Matt Damon's assessment of Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin. (The video is below.) It is absurd. And I too don't understand why more people aren't at the very least dumbfounded, and more appropriately, pissed off about it.

While at first I was completely dumbfounded because it made no sense to me. Now, each day it's clearer and clearer that this was a purely political pick made to rally Christian conservatives to vote for a man who they likely wouldn't vote for otherwise. And without that vote, Obama beats McCain.

The term "winning at all costs" I'm afraid is hitting a new low. This is someone who has a very good chance of running our country. She might be competent, but who the hell knows? Certainly not us, the voting public in the next few weeks before the election. The future is being left to chance. It's sad.

It's like the movie King Ralph. But the President of the United States isn't a figurehead like a King. Oh yeah, and this is real. So it's not funny. At all.

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