Google Moderator is Digg for Group Questions

25 Sep
Stan Schroeder via Mashable! shared by 4 people

Sometimes it seems to me that the most useful of Google’s projects come from their engineres 20-80 rule, which means that they are encouraged (coerced? forced? whipped?) to spend 20% of their time on side projects.

One of such side projects is Google Moderator, simple and effective tool that lets you moderate group questions. It works like this: a topic is picked, and questions are asked by users; other users can then vote on questions so the best ones come on top, similar to Digg’s voting concept.

The tool, created by Taliver Heath, is supposedly used by Google internally, where it goes by the pet name of Dory, the annoying (or cute, your mileage may vary) fish from Finding Nemo.

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