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05 Oct
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oreo Out of the blue, I asked Twitter what it would do if Oreo came knocking looking for a social media project. In about 20 minutes, I had some interesting ideas (shared below). I’m not sure what motivated me to ask the question, but it came out of thinking that went something like this: We’ve all got decent ideas. We’re all passionate about seeing how social media might help businesses and people. We probably could do something reasonably creative, if motivated.

The answers turned out fun. I’m happy that I asked the question, and thrilled with who responded. So, with all that said, why not pour a glass a milk and see what people had to say?

What Twitter Would Do for Oreos

audreychernoff – How about just creating a new Oreo, with fiber, less sugar, etc? Something that tastes great but appeals to dieters.
lfamous – something like JibJab where you can put your kids in an Oreo commercial (& an oreo ringtone & download for music player) Yum!
carlweaver – I love your questions like this but never know what to say. I’d do an Oreo building competition. Imagine an Oreo building.
KariRippetoe – place to post videos and/or photos of creative Oreo stacks, community can vote for coolest structures
bradatpharma – Oreo avatars. I’d have an opportunity for people to offer new flavours, I’d have a feedback loop for taste testers… hmmm…
KariRippetoe @planetrelations – love the Remember the Milk widget idea!
KariRippetoe – they already have a YouTube channel for Oreo Moments videos…but does that sell cookies?
jsmibert – First blush.. Id do a Cross platform competition… (Out ur Inner Oreo Addiction) w/ liberal winner pool 2 win fun oreo stuff!
SpaceyG – I’d blog, Twitter, place an ad, whatever, for say… a year’s supply of Oreos. Love those things. I’d be fat as a pig too.
coachbriany – Sports colors oriented voting I.E. Vote for Bengals color oreos. Black Cookies with Orange filling & so on
planetrelations – oreo campaign should include a Remember the Milk widget that sets a recurring task about adding cookies to the shopping list.
mecarluen – How bout a make-your-own Oreo cartoon using GoAnimate, ey? http//
divorceddadwkly – A place to post photos + video - how and where I eat my Oreos…
mecarluen – How bout a make-your-own Oreo cartoon using GoAnimate, ey?
howlvenice – you know they had a contest..w/ 4,000 subscribers http//
urlgrl – ugc of the different ways people eat oreos!
garykoelling – who’s the target? what problem can oreos believable solve for them? and btw, who owns oreos?
NextInstinct – A blog, away from mothership Nabisco, named ‘We got milk!’ cute pics, dessert recipes, “where’d you dunk?” pic contest, etc
Orbius – Collection of “Oreo Moments” of child-like (not childish) happy moments
bertil_hatt – Make something to use Oreos in fun, edible, creative ways you know the oreao-flavoured ice-cream, why not the castle? Prizes?
RoyalAntsJosh – funny that you put that up, I’m currently working on a blog post on the same idea for Peanut Butter
shashib – good food for thought - What social media campaign idea do you have for oreo cookies. i will think about that
bwagy – Create a competition on how you best enjoy your oreo cookies and let them upload to youtube (simple, easy, cheap)
LeisaWatkins – - An art contest - art created out of Oreo Cookies. Everyone could vote for their favorite work of art.
Aronado – lots of milk?


**UPDATE: Kari Rippertoe blogged her response here.

Bryan Elliott recommends a game.

**Update 2 from Royal Ants Josh and another from Todd Jordan . Fun!

What do YOU think should be done?

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