Need Your WordPress Fixed

01 Oct
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cool robot My friends at ContentRobot launched a neat site called We Fix WP. Simple, direct, and easy to understand. They fix WordPress. Need your theme tweaked? They can help. Want a few little bits and pieces made pretty? That’s them. Karen and Dana are two really nice, unassuming people who work with the likes of Stephanie Agresta and a whole host of Internet personalities. If Steph likes them, then that’s good enough for me.

But honestly, in my experience, I find that Karen and Dana have been at most of the cool geek events and are always ready to help out.

They’re another resource like Nico Pin that I know I can count on if I’m in a bind. You should count on them, too. Why get too deep into the nitty gritty when you can have your own robots?

Check out We Fix WP for more information.

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