Guy Asks Obama: “Mr. President, Sign My iPad”

22 Oct

Guy Asks Obama: “Mr. President, Sign My iPad”

The above photo is probably one of the coolest things you’ll see all day. Not only does the guy wearing the Obama shirt look incredibly calm about meeting the President, but he’s also offering President Obama his iPad to sign. And, no – not with a permanent marker; with President Obama’s finger, using Adobe’s Ideas application. How cool is that?

Sylvester Cann IV, the iPad-toting gentleman, told TechCrunch:

At a rally in Seattle, WA at the University of Washington, the President used the touchscreen on my iPad to give me his autograph. Secret service was leery about the idea, but they warmed up to the idea and the President thought it was cool.

He looked slightly surprised, but proceeded to use his finger to scribble on the iPad using the Adobe Ideas app.

I have a video of the event as well. This HAS to be the first time an iPad has received a Presidential autograph.

We’ve embedded Sylvester’s video below, along with an iPad screenshot showing President Obama’s signature. In addition to this, you can also check out Sylvester’s mini-site which pays homage to the event, titled: “I figured, ‘Why not ask?’” All that’s left to say is: well done, Sylvester!

obama Guy Asks Obama: Mr. President, Sign My iPad

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