before & after: elizabeth’s + rebecca’s mirrors

11 Nov

This window-makeover project makes me want to run to the store immediately and grab some mirrored glass spray. And we all know how I feel about fireplaces (I want one!). So it’s safe to say that I’m in love with the way Elizabeth has repurposed this ornate window into a stunning statement piece to hang over her mantle. Luckily, Elizabeth has provided full instructions on her site for how to recreate this project, including tips on how to use her three-hook hanging system, which I must say, looks lovely. Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth! — Kate

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You can’t take one step in my local garden center without bumping into something that looks identical to this metal sun piece, which is why I usually try to avoid going there. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the occasional curated collection of purely decorative objects in a garden, but they can be a bit irritating en masse. Rebecca was able to spot the beauty within this beast, and for that I applaud her. With a simple paint job and a change of face (literally), this sad sun — well maybe not sad, but definitely cross-eyed — is now a retro starburst-style mirror. Not only does it look expensive, but it’s versatile, chic and useful as well. Great work, Rebecca!


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