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Verbatim USB Paperclip is ‘Literally Weightless’

23 Sep

Verbatims’s lightweight Clip-it USB drive is certainly handy: when not feeding files to your computer, it can hold together those same files when printed unthinkingly onto pieces of precious paper. The cute Clip-its come in 2GB and 4GB sizes, and a range of colors that would make a packet of jellybeans jealous.

But most interesting to us tech nerds is that Verbatim seems to have solved the problems of gravity. Hans-Christoph Kaiser, Verbatim’s Business Development Manager: “it weighs literally nothing, so it will not cause extra postal charges.” [emphasis added].

So there you have it. The Clip-it USB drive is the world’s first weightless object, a scientific breakthrough that will doubtless change the world. This amazing discovery also proves the rule that inventors seldom see the potential of their own inventions. Seriously, Mr. Kaiser. Is avoiding “extra postal charges” the best application you can think of for your revolutionary anti-gravity material?

Store ‘n’ Go Clip-it USB Drive [Verbatim via OhGizmo]