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What we learned from 20 minutes of footage from J.J. Abrams’ Super 8 [Video]

24 Mar
Last night, we got a sneak peek at 20 minutes of J.J. Abrams' Super 8. So did the mysterious film live up to our expectations? And just how does Abrams' movie pay tribute to Steven Spielberg? We asked, he answered. More »

Why aliens are hell and zombies are heaven [Steal This Pitch]

05 Mar
These days, two major scifi moneymakers are zombies and aliens. In books, TV shows, and movies, zombies are clawing at people's faces and aliens are perpetually jumping out of the shadows. Both types of movies have found popularity before, and now they're big again. But why? More »

We may be even more alone in the universe than we thought [Evolution]

22 Oct
Two scientists propose that the jump from bacteria to complex life might be much riskier than previously imagined. Even on planets with earthlike conditions, plant and animal life would therefore be incredibly rare. More »

Websites for scifi’s most famous evil corporations, based on real-life corporate websites [Design]

03 Sep
The best science fiction movies are only as good as the evil corporations they feature. But what sort of websites would Weyland-Yutani or OCP have? Artist Mikko Vartio imagines their websites, with a noticeable resemblance to some real-life corporate sites. More »