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Chamomile Tea Party Posters

05 Jul

Boing Boing reader Jeff says, "I'm so sick of the rancor and party politics in Washington, so I created a series of posters under the moniker of the 'Chamomile Tea Party,' advocating for putting the country first and parties last. The posters are based on WWII-era propaganda posters."


Mona Lisa replicated in software “using only 50 semi transparent polygons”

09 Jun

Roger Alsing created a small program that keeps a string of DNA for polygon rendering. He explains the procedure:

0) Setup a random DNA string (application start)
1) Copy the current DNA sequence and mutate it slightly
2) Use the new DNA to render polygons onto a canvas
3) Compare the canvas to the source image 4) If the new painting looks more like the source imag
e than the previous painting did, then overwrite the current DNA with the new DNA
5) repeat from 1

Now to the interesting part. Could you paint a replica of the Mona Lisa using only 50 semi transparent polygons? That is the challenge I decided to put my application up to.

You can see the whole unfolding here. It's pretty cool!