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Giant ice caverns lead the hunt for exotic particles [Mad Science]

13 Feb
This is a gigantic hole that's been melted into the South Pole. It's one of the 100 or so such vertical caves that have been punched into the Antarctic surface as part of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, which is searching for tiny, almost massless particles known as neutrinos. This remarkable image reveals the incredible lengths scientists have to go in order to detect these ultra small particles. More »

What happens when two black holes are smashed together? [Video]

26 Dec
We've never seen it happen, but a collision with two black holes would be one of the most dramatic events in the entire universe, releasing so much energy that we could detect it clear across the cosmos. More »

Cosmic strings are super-massive, ultra-thin cracks in the universe [Mad Astrophysics]

12 Oct
Cosmic strings are theoretical fault lines in the universe, defective links between different regions of space created in the moments after the Big Bang. And they might be theoretical no longer - distant quasars show the fingerprints of these strings. More »

Extreme black holes billions of years ago overheated the universe [Mad Astrophysics]

08 Oct
Global warming really isn't just a local problem...universal warming ran through the universe 11 billion years ago, doubling the temperature of intergalactic helium. The cosmic temperature spike was so bad, it stopped galaxies from developing for 500 million years. More »