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Want A Starbucks? Use Jonathan's Card

09 Aug

Jonathan is letting anyone who wants to use his Starbucks card. He's posted a scanned copy of the mobile-app code on his Starbucks card and invited anyone who wants to to have a cup on him. The crazy thing is that it's working like "leave a penny, take a penny," with some people adding onto the card's balance after they grab a brew.

Starbucks reloadable cards let you download their code onto your smartphone. You can scan it from your phone at checkout in order to pay.

Jonathan released the card into the wild in July with a $30 balance on it. As of Monday, $3,651 had been spent on it, and at least 177 people had made donations to it.

Here's a full-sized image of the card. The card also has its own automated Twitter feed that gives status updates on its balance and asks for refills.

To reload the card, go to, hit "reload a card" and enter card number 6061006913522430.

Sometimes a greedy person will transfer a chunk of the balance to their own Starbucks card but then others refill the card back up again.

Starbucks knows about the project and isn't interfering. "We think Jonathan's project is really interesting and are flattered he chose Starbucks for his social experiment," Gina Woods, director of executive communications for Starbucks, told CNN via e-mail. "We're curious to see how his project continues to evolve."

Want a cup of coffee? Use Jonathan's card [CNN] (Thanks to David!)


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5 Cups of Coffee a Day Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

29 Jun

The Good News: Scientists have discovered that coffee can help protect the brain against Alzheimer’s disease.

Florida Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center researcher (and coffee lover) Gary Arendash and colleagues discovered that 500 mg of caffeine can ward off Alzheimer’s:

They’ve found that adding caffeinated water to rodents’ diet results in big improvements. The mice perform better on short-term memory and thinking tests. But only if they get enough caffeine.

"The human equivalent of two to three cups of coffee does not have benefits in our Alzheimer’s mice," says Arendash.

Arendash’s team also documented that these super-caffeinated mice end up with about a 50-percent reduction in abnormal amyloid proteins, which are thought to play an important role in the development of Alzheimer’s.

The typical American drinks about a cup and a half of coffee a day. "So you can see that many of us are below that threshold level that we believe confers protective benefits," says Arendash.

Allison Aubrey of NPR explains: Link

The Bad News: You may have to wear this T-shirt below.

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