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Christine O’Donnell Learns That the First Amendment Is a Thing That Exists

19 Oct

Do you know what's great about running for the U.S. Senate? You learn all kinds of stuff about the country. Like, did you know that there's a First Amendment? Apparently, it's right there just before the Second Amendment. Who knew?

"Where in the Constitution is the separation of church and state?" O'Donnell asked [her opponent Chris Coons during a debate]. When Coons responded that the First Amendment bars Congress from making laws respecting the establishment of religion, O'Donnell asked: "You're telling me that's in the First Amendment?"

Her comments, in a debate aired on radio station WDEL, generated a buzz in the audience. "You actually audibly heard the crowd gasp," Widener University political scientist Wesley Leckrone said after the debate, adding that it raised questions about O'Donnell's grasp of the Constitution.

It's true! I checked! And that's not all; there's all kinds of crazy shit in this thing. Like, did you know that you're not allowed to keep slaves. What?! When did this happen? Why did this not show up in my Twitter feed?

Oh, and apparently, we're not allowed to drink alcohol. Of all the fu– Wait, never mind. Yes, we can. Crisis averted, people. Crisis averted.

Update: Politico has some extremely Yikes!y audio from the debate.