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Escape Pod blasts off with higher rates and more nonfiction content [Podcasting]

07 Oct
One of the most venerable science fiction podcasts is raising its game. For a six-month trial period, Escape Pod will be paying five cents a word for previously unpublished stories, and three cents (with a minimum of $100) for reprints. More »

The 28 Best Fictional Characters on Twitter

22 Jul

You can spice up your Twitter feed by following characters from movies, TV, and literature! Twitter is full of people who don’t exist, but have plenty to say anyway. Buzzfeed searched for the most entertaining of those feeds and listed them for your convenience. Link


100+ amazing pieces of Star Wars concept art [Concept Art]

20 Jun
You can't celebrate the awesomeness of concept art without paying special tribute to Star Wars. Ralph McQuarrie's paintings for the original trilogy inspired every concept artist today, and the prequels and video games' art was eye-popping. Here are our favorites. More »