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Hands On With The New MacBooks

14 Oct


Mark McClusky just got to spend a bit of time playing with the new line of MacBooks. Here's what he had to say about his experinces:

On his initial impression: They're really beautiful pieces of hardware. The milling eliminates the plastic gasket around the front — this makes a huge difference. The MacBooks now feel sturdy and super-solid, much more polished than the plastic version.

On the Macbook Pro: It's thinner, yes, but in actuality, just a hair wider than my old (one year old) MacBook Pro.


On the displays: They're very bright. Colors are vibrant and pop more naturally. 

On the line-up as a whole: They've now got the same design language across their whole line...iMac, displays, and notebooks — all with that black bezel. This is a very solid update, and a lovely design tweak. But there are no huge game changers here. They've galvinized a lead, and let's face it: no one can trigger object lust like Apple. 

[Editor's note: Instead of waiting for review samples to become available from Apple we're going to just purchase a top shelf MacBook and MacBook Pro. Expect a set of reviews in a few days, Labbers.]

(Photos by Jim Merithew for

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