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Software Calculates Appearance Of The Average Woman in 41 Countries

10 Feb

What does an average French woman look like? Here’s your answer and a whole lot more, where thousands of faces have been averaged into a composite face for each of 41 different countries.

Face Research created the software, asking its user to define a dozen points on a face, and then it’s possible to determine an average face when comparing two photos or thousands.

Although the photos used for these composites are not available for our recreation, the site offers a smaller group of faces with which you can experiment, or lets you upload your own for custom averaging.

In this project, it’s not clear how many subjects were averaged together for each nationality, but the result is remarkable, with all the faces beaming with nearly perfect symmetry and blemish-free skin. Take a look at a gallery of the various nationalities:

Face Research, Group 1

Face Research, Group 2

Face Research, Group 3

Face Research, Group 4

[via Photoxels]

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05 Nov


Really beautiful colors on this design, I also love the dark blue with that slight texture. It almost feels like cloth. I like the blocky nature of the elements in contrast to those colors and slight texture. I like that slide out box in the top right, I like the idea of it, but not the final execution of the elements within that box. Really nice looking website!

04 Nov


This is a really beautiful website, the colors and light textures mixed in with some great illustration work make for a super great experience. Looking at the experience of the site there are lots of great little spots that just shine, like the mouse over on the logo and the “back to top” link in the footer area. The sub pages have enough variance to keep it interesting too. Really great site.

12 Oct

This is the “Moon” website or page from the Lost World’s Fairs website project designed by Jason Santa Maria.

I love this design for “Moon”, the visual depth is really nice. I also love the movement as you scale your browser window down and then back up. The little illustrations are sweet too. It’s really hard to believe this is done with web fonts.