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2010 gift guides: revenge of the nerds!

14 Dec

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but NERDS. ARE. BACK. Actually, we nerds have always been here, I’ll have you know. It just so happens that right now we are basking in the warm glow of acceptance. As someone who still has cafeteria-stress dreams, I can’t be thankful enough . . . although this news is like, 14 years overdue. The damage was done.

So guess what? Chances are pretty good that you are a nerd, you love a nerd or a nerd loves you. Compute those crazy stats in your head and then hopefully you’ll want to browse through this guide for great gift ideas. I tried to find some lovely things that would suit various nerd vices, so fantasy, sci-fi, techie and scholarly gifts abound, all passed through the filter of good design.

Who knows? If everyone gives a nerdy (chic!) gift this year, maybe the whole world will soon become one big Redshirt-loving, Quidditch-playing, LARP-ing geeky lovefest :) Happy Holidays, Nerds! — Kate

Image above: 1. Sectional Globe, $60; 2. Vintage Wire Sculpture Kit, $16; 3. Poppy Recycled Cotton Socks, $19; 4. Molecule Set, $80; 5. Luddite Parakeet Pipe Pillow, $70; 6. Black Amphibolite Specimen, $35; 7. Moby Dick Fleece Sweatshirt, $38; 8. Cricket Bowtie, $65; 9. Herman Miller Walnut Top Set, $149

Image above, left: Geometry Post-Its, $8; right: Bone China Skeleton Plates, $187

Image above: 1. Chocolate Pie Chart, $20; 2. Pop Quiz Backpack (in Mauve), $65; 3. Ceramic Chemistry Flask (small), $30; 4. Stripe Earmuffs, $65; 5. Vintage Plaid Thermos, $8; 6. Pocket Ringbooks, $15; 7. Four Eyes USB Drive, $32; 8. Unicorn Cashmere Wool Throw, $392; 9. Orange Prize Ribbon, $10; 10. Pictorial Webster’s, $35

nerd1 nerd_2 nerd3 nerd_img4 nerd5

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