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Sufficiently large X

24 Jun

Victimless Crime

As comic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal explains, this is what happens when a powerful weapon falls into the wrong hands. Or when someone in power is just plain dumb.

[SMBC via @eagereyes]


Visual history of hot haircuts in popular music

18 Mar


A Visual Compendium of Notable Haircuts in Popular Music from Pop Chart Lab has a look at, well, haircuts. Lots of long hair and sideburns.

From the pompadour to the moptop to the metal mane to whatever it is Lady Gaga has atop her head, here is a history of popular music as told through the notable haircuts on this signed, limited edition print.

If you pre-order a print by this weekend, you get 20 percent off.

See also Beatles hair history, trustworthiness of beards, and typographic moustaches.

[Pop Chart Lab via Laughing Squid]


Scared dictators, pt.2

03 Dec

The International Society for Human Rights‘s new campaign. Via O’Socio

–Tom Devriendt


4th Amendment Wear

25 Nov


Now there’s a way to protest those intrusive TSA X-ray scanners without saying a word. Announcing 4th Amendment Metallic ink-printed undershirts and underwear! Via Fubiz


A New Answer to an Old Interview Question

21 Oct



Inception Movie Plot Explained Through Mac OS X’s Folder Hierarchy

24 Aug

Here's a piece of silliness that should definitely put a smile on your face, though we warn you that there are spoilers ahead.

If you've seen Inception, you know the ridiculousness that is idea of a meta dream world. But if you can't seem to wrap that concept around your head, then perhaps this explanation will lay it out for you in laymen's terms. Jonah Ray, host of the Web Soup, posted a nifty graphic in his Tumblr explaining the many levels of Inception's dream hierarchy using Mac OS X folders. It's a pretty clever way to unravel the mystery behind the movie. Check it out for yourself.

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Translate Business Jargon into Real Speech [APPS]

13 Aug

“Ninja,” “Guru,” “Team Player,” “Personal Brand” — if this litany of terms gets your skin crawling, you might want to check out this novelty app: Unsuck It.

Brought to you by Mule Design, Unsuck It basically does just that: When you enter a term like, say, “Ninja” into the search bar, the app translates it into normal person language (see below).

You then have the option of sharing it on Twitter, or “e-mailing the douchebag who used it” — said e-mail contains the subject line, “Hey, douchebag! Stop torturing the English language!” and a link to the term and translation in the body.

The site also features the option “I’m Feeling Douchey,” which unearths a random term, and a “Browse” tab by which you can sift through other gems.

All right, ye of the office-bound variety — future fighters of the weekend wars — tell us in the comments, what’s the worst jargon-y term you’ve heard (or used…) all day?

[via Boing Boing]

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