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Design Inspiration: Blue Websites

06 Sep

I find that when I am looking for inspiration on a color scheme and I know the primary color that will be used, it helps to browse other sites of the same color. So today we’ll be showcasing blue websites, and hopefully this can serve as a source of inspiration for your own work. In the future we will be publishing other similar showcases featuring other colors. Blue is one of the more popular colors in web design, so there is no shortage of inspiration available.

The Master’s College

The Master's College

Resume Baking

Resume Baking

Leaderbe Consulting

Leaderbe Consulting

Orman Clark

Orman Clark

DrupalCon Denver 2012

DrupalCon Denver 2012



Nanda & Juan Diego

Nanda & Juan Diego






Fan Page Themes


Fan Page Themes

Inservio Web Solutions

Inservio Web Solutions

Shelly Cooper Design

Shelly Cooper Design





Tim Potter

Tim Potter



Blue Sky Resumes

Blue Sky Resumes



Marie Catribs

Marie Catribs





Eric Campbell

Eric Campbell

Vegas Uncork’d

Vegas Uncork'd





Hull Digital Live 10

Hull Digital Live 10<

Foundation Six

Foundation Six

Gopal Raju & B.L. Seema

Gopal Raju & B.L. Seema



Barcamp Omaha

Barcamp Omaha

Ana Parada

Ana Parada

For more design inspiration please see:

Royalty-Free Graphics


Showcase of Skyline Photography

15 Aug

Skylines and cityscapes are a common subject for photographs, and they are even frequently mimicked in web and graphic design (see Web Design Trends: Skylines and Cityscapes). Each city has it’s own unique characteristics, and in this post we’ll showcase 30 photographs of various skylines. This showcase includes HDR photos, night photos, water reflection photos, and more.

skyline photography

New York City by Fiorenzo Carozzi

skyline photography

Prague by Ian Britton

skyline photography

Venice by Vladimir Sklyarov

skyline photography

Sydney by leafinsectman

skyline photography

Seattle by Brent Smith

skyline photography

New York City by haley727

skyline photography

New York City by Fabien Bravin

skyline photography

Rotterdam by Bas Meelker

skyline photography

Auckland by Jannis Gundermann

skyline photography

Montreal by YuppiDu

skyline photography

San Francisco at David Scarbrough

skyline photography

St. Louis by jonmega

skyline photography

Singapore by Sebastian Kisworo

skyline photography

Montreal by slack12

skyline photography

Miami by vgm8383

skyline photography

Detroit by James Marvin Phelps

skyline photography

Hong Kong by Jim Trodel

skyline photography

Sydney by Peter Nijenhuis

skyline photography

Hong Kong by Brendan

skyline photography

Louisville by Kara B

skyline photography

Atlanta by Kay Gaensler

skyline photography

Sydney by Paul Hocksenar

skyline photography

Chicago by Isaac Singleton

skyline photography

Miami by HellFire Design

skyline photography

Miami by Matthew Paulson

skyline photography

London by Jim Trodel

skyline photography

Toronto by Abi K

skyline photography

Sydney by Corey Leopold

skyline photography

New York City by Geof Wilson

skyline photography

Toronto by Remi Carreiro

For more inspiration from photography please see:

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Showcase of Outstanding Responsive Web Designs

11 Apr

This showcase rounds up a collection of the most inspiring and outstanding examples of responsive web design. These websites not only look great at full scale monitor resolution, but are designed to gracefully scale according to the user’s screen size. Resize you browser, view the site on a smartphone, tablet or netbook and you’ll see the same design in a range of well presented formats.

What is responsive web design?

Screen resolutions

Websites are no longer viewed only on a computer monitor. Smartphones, tablets and netbooks throw a range of resolutions and different screen sizes into the mix for designers to now worry about. The idea of catering for various resolutions isn’t anything new. Back in the days of table based designs designers either chose the fluid or static route. Today’s responsive websites take a similar approach by using fluid widths in percentages and ems, but go a step further by using scalable images and adjustable layouts depending on the browser size.
To achieve this ‘scalability’, CSS media queries are used to apply different page styling according to certain parameters, such as min-width and orientation. The first step is to create a mobile version, but you could go on to customise your design for a range of resolutions.

Showcase of responsive web designs

Ready for some examples? Here’s a roundup of 50 of the most outstanding examples of responsive web designs. Each one is displayed with a preview of both the full size website and an example of a small resolution, but to get the full experience be sure to visit the live site and play around with it yourself.


View the responsive website design

Sasquatch Festival

View the responsive website design

Earth Hour

View the responsive website design


View the responsive website design


View the responsive website design

Philip Meissner

View the responsive website design


View the responsive website design


View the responsive website design

Visua Design

View the responsive website design

Laufbild Werkstatt

View the responsive website design

Sweet Hat Club

View the responsive website design


View the responsive website design

Andrew Revitt

View the responsive website design


View the responsive website design


View the responsive website design

Pelican Fly

View the responsive website design


View the responsive website design

Converge SE

View the responsive website design


View the responsive website design

Joni Korpi

View the responsive website design

Jason Weaver

View the responsive website design


View the responsive website design

Think Vitamin

View the responsive website design


View the responsive website design

3200 Tigres

View the responsive website design

Marco Barbosa

View the responsive website design

Jeremy Madrid

View the responsive website design


View the responsive website design

Ryan Merrill

View the responsive website design

Media Queries

View the responsive website design

Electric Pulp

View the responsive website design

Tee Gallery

View the responsive website design

Stephen Caver

View the responsive website design

Happy Cog Hosting

View the responsive website design


View the responsive website design

A Different Design

View the responsive website design

This is Texido

View the responsive website design

Edge of my Seat

View the responsive website design

Hardboiled Web Design

View the responsive website design

St Paul’s School

View the responsive website design

Robot… or Not?

View the responsive website design

Handcrafted Pixels

View the responsive website design


View the responsive website design


View the responsive website design


View the responsive website design

UX London

View the responsive website design


View the responsive website design


30 Examples of Websites Using HTML5

10 Apr

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HTML5 is certainly here to stay, from a numerous list of articles, events and buzz about this latest revision of the HTML standard. Some websites using HTML5 proudly show the official logo and state the sentence “support the future now”. So to support all this buzz and the technology we decided to gather a new list showcasing websites using HTML5.



Mat Tomaszewski




layer 51


Stockholm Hairdresser




Virtuti Design




Float Left


Daniel Scholten


AX Visual Design Studio



Festival Mundo


The Squad


S5 Style


Bifter SVG Comic








Blink Lab


Joe Critchley





Kiran Owal




Birrificio Irpino


Empire State Recordings






Myke Preusss



HTML5 Gallery
HTML5 Websites


40 Examples of Minimalist Photography

23 Mar

In this post we have put together 40 examples minimalist photography. Enjoy!!

rule of thirds

Lonely camel guide


Pool with frog

Right of Way

A singular man

Tree in cornfield

In transit 1


return as always


Less Is More



Minimalist Photography

Minimalist street lamp

Minimalist Photography

Minimalist Photography

Minimalist Photography

the docks

That is probably what we looked like during the flight to Europe…

Nothing Can Happen to Us

dust storm


El Pasillo Blanco

The trail..

Minimalist Photography


No One Else

Into the void

Car park in snow

Johnny Martyr



Shadow Games

ricciolo di cetriolo



Seeing the future in my crystal ball

Verde que te quiero verde…


Showcase of Beautiful Flyer Design

22 Mar

We frequently provide showcases of well-designed websites, but today we’ll focus on designing for print, specifically flyer design. In this post you’ll find 25 examples of beautiful flyer designs that have been created by various designers on the Behance Network. Many of them include more images on their Behance page, so if you see something you like, click on the image or the credit link.

The flyers shown here use a beautiful design to promote a company, product, or an event. We hope that these examples will give you some ideas and inspiration for your own work on flyer designs.

Credit: Pavel Pavlov

Credit: Face

Credit: Face

Credit: Ed Price

Credit: Ivan Manolov

Credit: Razvan Coste

Credit: Mark Brooks

Credit: Momkai

Credit: Bastardgraphics

Credit: Bastardgraphics

Credit: Rubens Scarelli

Credit: Face

Credit: Andre Beato

Credit: Martijn van Dam

Credit: Bastardgraphics

Credit: Bastardgraphics

Credit: Pierre Philippe

Credit: Ed Price

Credit: Nebojsa Cvetkovic

Credit: Tim Hansen

Credit: Martijn van Dam

Credit: Razvan Coste

Credit: Mash Creative

Credit: Alexander Langolf

Credit: Vasco Pais

For more design inspiration please see:

High Resolution Textures


Clever Conceptual Photo Manipulations That Tell a Story

15 Mar

Conceptual photo manipulations are all about depicting an idea, message, or story that a digital artist wants to convey to their viewers. In a conceptual photo manipulation the idea is the primary motive for the piece, not the materials, tools, or techniques that were used during its creation. These works are truly inspirational and tell a story through the characters, landscape, emotions, or through political or social commentary. In this collection you will find a mixed bag of clever conceptual photo manipulations, some of which include a bit of fantasy, surrealism, or humor.

Australia Post: Hug

E-mail and texting have made communication instantaneous and easy. But a hand-written letter has a personal touch to it. There is something about ink and paper that an email will simply never replace. This print advertisement for the Australia Post successfully conveys that message.

Liquid Fire

An excellent example depicting the metaphorical concept of liquid fire. It shows how fire would look if it was made of water.

Olympus: Eagle

This print advertisement by Olympus has a great concept and visual. It uses the frozen ice to symbolize that the action has been frozen in time by the camera.

Wakes You up With Every Bite

This amusing print advertisement cleverly uses Photoshop to convey its USP.

Falling Letters

Have you ever been so tired while reading that you felt the words are falling from the book? Here is a cool visual example of the same.

Creating My Own World

Creating My Own World in an impressive artistic concept. The ink represents the fluidity of imagination and creativity through which the artist creates fish, birds, butterflies and the world of his own. It has beautiful color, texture and a poetic touch.

Lens Coffee Mug

It’s hard not to like this cool coffee mug. It is made from the lens of a camera that has been fashioned into a mug. I think the image is the Photoshopped prototype (of the initial concept) of Canon mugs.

The King

The King has an interesting and thought provoking concept drawing parallel between king and pawn. The artist philosophically states that when the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box.


Skinbonsai is a well executed but creepy photo manipulation of bonsai created from body parts.


Poor grapes are looking really scared! This fantastic photo manipulation is humorous and heartwarming at the same time. The attention to the detail is mindboggling and the concept is skillfully executed.

Go Your Own Road

Go Your Own Road has a great concept. It advises you to follow your heart.

International Handshake

It would be cool if you could shake hands with your friend in another country without a long journey or jetlag. International Handshake is an awesome example of an Out of Bounds photo manipulation concept.

Apple or Kiwifruit

This advertisement for Polident Denture Care uses fruit as an object of focus. It shows fruits like apple, pear, sugarcane each with unexpectedly soft interiors. Here it refers to the softness of kiwi fruit when you bite an apple wearing their dentures.

Love is a Learning Process

Human emotions are complex. Love is the best/worst feeling to ever have, it can be so diverse at times that you can never be sure that you know all. Though I wonder if you could learn all about love or intricacies of human feelings from books. Simplicity, colors and subject of this photo manipulation is eye-catching.

Eat Me!

What would you call them? Eggheads? And are you ready to eat them! It has the wonderful humorous concept. The expression on each of the face and eyes can surely make you laugh.

Choose Your Face

Choose Your Face has a novel concept and the attention to the details is beyond words, it almost looks real.

Toyo Tires: Octopus

This print advertisement for Toyo tires cleverly uses octopus to go with their slogan "Griping Performance".


Sometimes you might have the wrong perception about yourself and that might stress you out. This is a great example that shows how you can use perfectly ordinary objects to make a powerful message.

Wild Horses

A fascinating photo manipulation where the woman’s flowing hairs are shown as horses. The peace and calmness on woman’s face and the running wild horses on the other hand symbolizes the constant thought process going on in our mind. Although outwardly we might seem to be calm and relaxed. A very original idea..


An unusual concept showing hands morphed into a mouth and ear. It depicts that everyone wants an ear to voice their opinion.

Lion show

Lion Show is a print advertisement for Zoo Safari. It has an outstanding concept backed by wonderfully executed visuals to match its slogan "blend in".

Don’t Get Drawn In

An excellent photo manipulation of an artist hand drawing himself.

Spiritual Milk

This is an amazing idea personifying the milk into spirit.

Strength in Every Pour

A similar concept as the one shown above but with the positive message. In this print advertisement the milk is personified to symbolize that it helps to support your heart and body.

Verbal Abuse

This powerful Public Interest advertisement campaign successfully illustrates how verbal abuse can be just as horrific as physical violence. It raises awareness of issue of vicious domestic verbal abuse.

Love Story

This is really a sad love story. It is amazing how you can tell a story with just one object. The old and faded effect gives it an interesting feel. The idea of using fruit to make something that seems so simple and yet universally recognizable is very clever.

Cigar City

A delightful and detailed imagination of city built from a cigarette’s ashes.

Life is Heavy

Another witty and brilliant piece of conceptual photo manipulation. It says something so philosophical in such a minimal and simple way.

Time Goes By

Time Goes By has creative concept of depicting fleeting time.

Reduce the Effects of A Disaster

A public interest advertisement by FEMA for Disaster Management and taking timely actions to reduce the effects of disaster. The concept is very clear and the brick typography is exceptional.

The Monster In The Mirror

The Monster In The Mirror symbolizes the hidden fear within us. The beautiful girl and the pastel colors makes the artwork more attractive.

How does This Make Your Tongue Feel?

This is how a tongue would look if it had a life of it’s own. A creepy and funny concept that can make you chuckle.

The Insight Story

An excellent campaign for the Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung with visuals depicting political figures and characters. The general idea is that the newspaper digs down through the layers to bring the news and the image accurately brings forth the concept.

Elements – Fire

An amazing Photoshop work showing woman dressed in fire and solidified lava. The concept is beautifully executed with great attention to details like the clouds, the lava, the debris etc. The color scheme and the firey glow which reflects on the model’s body makes it an outstanding piece of work.

The Poisoned Smoke

A great piece depicting the harmful health effects of smoking cigarettes and tobacco. It is simple and powerful which makes the message very clear.

Surgeon Changes

An amazing poster illustrating plastic surgery and botox that goes behind a beautiful model’s face.

What More Can I Say


31 Clean and Usable Icon Packs

22 Feb

32 Clean and Usable Icon Packs

Icons may be a small design feature, but often form essential parts of a design. A great icon can either provide a subtle design flourish, or be used more prominently in a logo fashion to promote a product or web app. The following post showcases some really professional, usable icon packs, which are sure to add a nice touch to your web designs. Many of the packs contain more icons than are displayed here, so be sure to go and explore your favorites and leave feedback for the authors!

Yusukek Amiyamane

This is a huge pack of small icons, all being available in the 16×16 pixels size, and the png format.

Simply Professional

This premium icon pack contains 9 icons. Each icon is hugely detailed, and is sure to add a professional touch to your work. Even better, these icons are vector smart objects, and so can be expanded to whatever size you need!

Milky Vector Icons

This is another lovely set of simple but nice icons happily created by IconEden. The Milky set contains more than 131 icons primarily colored in green, giving an eye-pleasant look and prominent display on either dark or bright backgrounds

Kidcomic Icon Pack

I-Kid is a high-quality and well-designed icon pack which is great to be used for mobile applications or some non-websites related projects.

Morcha Icon Pack

This beautiful icon pack contains 9 hi-res browser icons which are great to be used for all kind of projects, from mobile apps to website sidebars.

IcoJoy Icons

The following icon pack has some web 2.0 features like bright colors and high quality. Available in the 24×24 size, the icons are available for commercial and presonal use.

Simplicio Free Icon Set

This is a simple, even minimalistic set which can fit into every project. The set contains 78 free icons in .png and .ico including AI which can be useful for both corporate and personal setting.

Feed Me

The current set contains 5 original and well-designed RSS-feed icons. The icons are available in in .png, .jpg, .eps and .psd. and can be used in your commercial and personal projects.

Onibari Leopard

This is a beautiful and elegant pack of folder icons that are available for free download and can be used in your both, commercial and personal projects.

Kidaubis Chinese

The current pack is a collection of beautiful chinese looking icons with some beautiful details and elements. Can be downloaded for free and used for personal projects.


Colorabo is a big, high-quality and very colorful pack of well-designed icons which are available for free and can be used in your both, commercial and personal projects.


Helix is a small pack of seven icons which are great for digital projects, and websites. You can download this pack for free and use for personal and commercial projects.

Adobe CS3 Full Pack

Adobe CS3 Full Pack includes 32 stunning icons representing various pieces of software within the Adobe Creative Suite. The icons are fairly basic, but very effective, perfect for a forum or discussion board!

Delli Pack 2

This is a beautiful and elegant pack of stunning web 2.0 icons that cover a broad range of subjects. These icons have a heavily shaded style, and so really look very 3D.

High Quality Icons

This soft, beautiful, and well-designed icons are great to be used for some web templates or posters. Can be used for your personal and commercial projects.

Black Neon

Another pack of high-quality and well-designed icons that are great for mobile applications and software designing. Can be used for commercial and personal purposes.

To Do List

This is a single icon, with a very clean interface and a very beautiful design structure. You can download it for free and use in your both, commercial and personal projects.


Retrofukation is a stylish set of icons that is great to be used as template icons. Can be downloaded for free and be used for your both, commercial projects.

Airport Express

Airport Express is an elegant and stunning apple icon which is available in 5 sizes and the psd source for the files is available.

Smashing Retro

Smashing Retro Icon Set is a set of 10 beautiful, high-quality “vintage” icons, created by the talented Russian design agency SoftFacade especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers. The set contains 10 original icons: search, sign-up, calendar, news, RSS, comments, email, ads, home and address.

Finance and Applications

Fresh: is an application and financial icon set. This set contains 58 raster and vector icons, designed by Icon Eden. The set includes icons in .png, .icns and .ico-formats. An .EPS vector file is available as well..

Funcion Free Set

This very popular and faimous icon pack by Functions, is great to be used in all kind of projects you’d like. You can download them for free and use in both, commercial and personal projects.

Wip Mania Iconset

This is a huge pack of minimal icons which are great to be used for website layouts. They are available for free and can be used for commercial and personal use.

Peeling Stickers Social

This Icon Pack is chuck full of 20 Grunge Peeling Social Media Stickers. Each icon is in .png format sized at 128x128px with transparent backgrounds. The pack comes with a .PSD source file so that you can customize your own icons.

Watercolor Icon Pack

Each hand drawn icon is in .png format sized at 256x256px with transparent backgrounds. The 36 different icons have varying opaquness that allow the background and texture seep through the icons like watercolor on canvas. This is a huge free icon set you can’t pass up!.

Natsu Icon Set

This is a strange pack of hand and pencil drawn that can be used in your commercial and personal projects also.

Woven Fabric Social Media

This is woven fabric set of social media icons. Although not suitable for every type of site, these icons will look wonderful on websites that use texture and have an organic approach to their design. There are a total of 26 icons available as transparent PNGs and they are completely free for personal and commercial use

Sketchy Icons

Sketchy Icons is a pack of hand-drawn and high-quality icons that are available for free download and can be used in your personal projects.

Red Little Shoes Icon Set

The following online portfolio owned by Dale Harris, has a great and stunning design and color mixes which enhances the design of the website.

Simply Professional 2

This premium icon pack contains 12 icons. Each icon is hugely detailed, and is sure to add a professional touch to your work. Even better, these icons are vector smart objects, and so can be expanded to whatever size you need!


Creating a Cartoon Character for Your Website – Will It Stick?

02 Feb


In today’s market of stiff corporate competition, it’s more important than ever to create an effective online marketing strategy. Often, this involves finding a way to set your website’s image apart from those of your top competitors.

To achieve this, some companies have created cartoon characters to represent their online identities. If executed correctly, this strategy can help retain website traffic and develop a unique corporate identity. The following are 3 examples of companies that have effectively used this cartoon character strategy.

Top 3 Cartoon Examples



Fatbugr’s cartooned website portrays a great execution of this cartoon character strategy. The website’s cartoon icon of a fat boy eating a large hamburger makes visitors feel guilty about the fast food they eat and encourages them to dig further into the website’s information.

Code Button


Code Button provides another great example of proper cartoon usage. By identifying their target market and taking a comical spin on their identity, Code Button’s developers offer a light spin on the career of coding.

Jason Reed: Web Design


Jason Reed showcases how a cartooned version of oneself can help avoid an entrepreneur from coming across as pretentious by using traditional headshots. Jason Reed’s cartoon allows website visitors to learn more about him while still maintaining a degree of mystery regarding the freelancer’s identity.



Other Examples:









Best Website Cartoon Practices

When considering creating a cartoon character for your website, there are certain best practices you should follow. By doing this, you will avoid the most common mistakes made by other companies and incorporate a successful cartoon identity. Here are the best practices to follow with this type project:

  1. Hire a Professional Designer – Whether you plan to create a cartoon version of yourself for your website or develop a unique character, hire a professional designer to complete the job. Various tutorials exist online regarding how to create a cartoon without any previous experience but the results are often less than desirable.
  2. Make it Appropriate – A major mistake of companies using website cartoon characters is that they become carried away with the cartoon’s identity. Don’t make the character over the top or completely off-base from the products you are selling. An obnoxious cartoon character will, more often than not, drive visitors away from the website rather than encourage them to read more about your services.
  3. Test the Cartoon – Before releasing the new cartoon identity to the general online public, conduct polls with a small segment of customers. This testing phase can indicate the overall response you can expect from the general public regarding the character and whether or not this is a good move for your brand identity.

Building a successful corporate identity is of utmost importance when building an online customer base. If your current corporate identity isn’t achieving the desired results, it may be time for a change. Cartoon character identities, when developed correctly, can invite potential customers into your website to learn more about the products and services you offer. If met with positive public response, you may even decide to adopt this character as your company’s long-term mascot.

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Creating a Cartoon Character for Your Website – Will It Stick?


Line25 Sites of the Week for January 7th 2011

07 Jan

Line25 Sites of the Week is a weekly roundup of the most outstanding website designs that I stumble across during my every day browsing. In this week’s collection, we have designs from Lukes Beard, Polecat, Keith Homemade Cakes, Sara Tušar Suhadolc and Pixel Fusion.

Notes from California

View the website


View the website

Keith Homemade Cakes

View the website

Sara Tušar Suhadolc

View the website

Pixel Fusion

View the website