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Liferay 6 Performance

08 Mar

Liferay has released performance whitepapers for both Liferay 5 and Liferay 6.  I got a chance today to review Liferay 6 specs and it looks like they have made some significant strides in performance.  Before I point you to the white papers or take two diagrams for comparison, keep in mind that performance on any portal is completely dependent on how you are using it.  Cached content on a portal is fast.  Pulling data from back end systems whose latency is not under your control will probably not be as fast.    You can find the white papers here.

The key findings of the study are:
1. As an infrastructure portal, Liferay Portal can support over 11000 virtual concurrent users on a single server with mean login times
under ½ a second and maximum throughput of 300+ logins per second.
2. In collaboration and social networking scenarios, each physical server supports over 5000 virtual concurrent users at average transaction
times of under 800ms.
3. Liferay Portal’s WCM scales to beyond 150,000 concurrent users on a single Liferay Portal server with average transaction times
under 50ms and 35% CPU utilization.
4. Given sufficient database and efficient load balancing, Liferay Portal can scale linearly as one adds additional servers
to a cluster.

The following charts are throughput based on simple content portlets. (e.g. very light)

Login Throughput on Liferay 5












Login Throughput on Liferay 6