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Science Has Gone Mad Because It Lacks A Purpose, Say Fringe Creators [Fringe]

12 Sep

Why is the science in Fringe so out-of-control and scary? Turns out it's because science hasn't had a real goal since the 1960s, according to Fringe writer/producers Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Jeff Pinker, who talked to reporters on a conference call today. (I think the designers of the LHC might disagree.) They also answered your most burning question: When will we see a Lost/Fringe crossover?

When asked if Fringe and Lost exist in the same world Roberto Orci responded:

I don't know how Lost ends and I don't know if you know, Alex. So I don't know what the ultimate answer is on Fringe so I'm not sure yet if they exist in the same world. That's actually something I'd be willing to think about going forward. But certainly that is not something that we started thinking about in the DNA of this show.

So there goes my whole fantasy of seeing Sawyer and Joshua Jackson have a smart ass-off and then fight over Keri Russel from Felicity.

On the new scary science Jeff Pinker explained that this even though he believes that Fringe is decidedly non-fiction, it's still pretty terrifying what the science of today can do.

The world has changed in such a way that science doesn't seem to have a goal anymore. When we were kids it was, "Let's get to the moon." And a lot of money and brain power was spent then onto the moon. Now there's a lot more money it seems and a lot more people and private companies have it. They are all sort of following their imagination and doing anything they can. Some of it seems to be morally good and some of it seems to be morally a little but careless. But anything that we can imagine be it good or bad, seems like the real world is already two steps ahead of our imagination. Our stories are being told through our characters but the things that they are doing has kind of made us as writers slightly more wary of our world and astounded by the possibilities exceeding our imagination.

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