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Not having enough vitamin B12 can shrivel your brain. No, really. [Neuroscience]

29 Sep
Anyone ever told you that if you don't get your vitamins, your brain will shrink? No? Well they should. It turns out that having a vitamin B12 deficiency later in life is pretty bad for your grey matter. A group of researchers looked at over-65s from the South Side of Chicago, and measured the amount of vitamin B12 and B12-related metabolites in their blood, their cognitive skills, and took MRIs of them. More »

A test for multiple universes finds four . . . maybe [Mad Science]

04 Aug
Multiple universes are accessed, in fiction, through portals in space or mystical necklaces or sometimes just in dreams, but always when characters break the rules of space time. In reality, alternate universes are not in other dimensions. They're just far, far away. And the reason they are alternate universes is that they can't be reached no matter what. But can they be tested for? More »

If you want to force someone to do something, be sure to touch them first [Psychology]

17 Mar
Need to ask somebody a big favor? Don't discount the importance of a little friendly physical contact. It can make even a total stranger want to do your bidding, even if the favor involves a very large, very energetic dog. More »

Research proves online gaming at work is good for you – and for your boss [Mad Science]

04 Mar
Are you in danger of getting fired because of too much gaming at work? If so, here's a scientific study you need to know about (and perhaps slip into the "to-read" pile on your boss's desk): "Games at work: the recreational use of computer games during working hours." More »

A drug that can make your old memories like new [Mad Science]

04 Mar
There are drugs that help you remember what you learn, and ones that erase your memory. But until now, there have no substances with the power to enhance and strengthen old memories hovering on the brink of being forgotten. Now a group of neuroscientsts say they've isolated a single enzyme in the brain that can help long-term memories remain crisp in your mind. More »

Giant ice caverns lead the hunt for exotic particles [Mad Science]

13 Feb
This is a gigantic hole that's been melted into the South Pole. It's one of the 100 or so such vertical caves that have been punched into the Antarctic surface as part of the IceCube Neutrino Observatory, which is searching for tiny, almost massless particles known as neutrinos. This remarkable image reveals the incredible lengths scientists have to go in order to detect these ultra small particles. More »

Women’s tears might actually reduce men’s testosterone [Mad Science]

06 Jan
The fact that we cry when we're feeling sad, overjoyed, or otherwise emotional is thought to be a uniquely human trait. But biologists long suspected tears have some other function, and now we might know: they reduce men's sexual arousal. More »

Cocaine vaccine could make drug addiction a distant memory [Mad Science]

05 Jan
The first ever vaccine for drug addiction has just been created. By combining a cocaine-like molecule with part of the common cold virus, you get a vaccine that turns the immune system against cocaine, keeping it away from the brain. More »

What happens when two black holes are smashed together? [Video]

26 Dec
We've never seen it happen, but a collision with two black holes would be one of the most dramatic events in the entire universe, releasing so much energy that we could detect it clear across the cosmos. More »

Airplane food tastes bad because your brain can’t handle the noise [Mad Science]

15 Oct
For as long as there have been hack comedians, humanity has pondered the question: "What's the deal with airline food?" Well, science has figured it out: airplanes are just too damn loud for food to taste good. More »