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Filmography 2010: 270 movies mixed into one 6 min video

15 Dec

Genrocks's "Filmography 2010" remixes 270 of this year's big budget movies into "one giant ass video" -- six minutes of thematically linked, brilliantly edited loveliness.

Filmography 2010 (via Kottke)


Travel posters for comic book cities

07 Dec
Justin Van Genderen's vintage style travel posters for the storied cities of comicbookland are on sale for $18.03 each.

Gallery: ComicTravelLocations (5 images) (via Super Punch)


Cut-up artist alphabetizes the newspaper

08 Nov

Kim Rugg is a Canadian visual artist with a very sharp knife and a lot of patience and glue: she newspapers, stamps and other paper ephemera up, letter by letter, and makes does delightful and demented art like newspapers in which all the type has been rearranged in alphabetical order. The work is a beautiful and provocative commentary on the form and content of print media.

Kim Rugg - A London artist's knife skills and knack for precision

Kim Rugg, Mark Moore Gallery


Adorably deadly Mini Cannon returns

08 Aug

Boing Boing reader gatetree points us to a comeback video from the Mini Cannon (blogged earlier by Mark) and notes,

The mini-cannon videomaker seems to have followed almost every suggestion from the boingboing post of his first video in May.
[via Submitterator]