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Woman Buys House For $1.75 On EBay [Money Meltdown]

02 Oct

Joanne Smith from Chicago now owns an abandoned home in Saginaw, Michigan, and she only paid $1.75 for it on eBay. Well, there's also $850 in "back taxes and yard cleanup cost," reports MSNBC. Smith says she hasn't seen the house yet or visited the town, but we're thinking hello summer home! Or maybe it's a good place to put the parents when they retire.

The company that auctioned the home wasn't available for comment, so we'll be curious to see whether they try to squirm out of the deal. Like, oh, maybe saying a bunch of Canadianized killer bees moved in.

"$1.75 eBay bid gets abandoned Michigan home" [] (Thanks to Scott!)
(Photo: MSNBC)

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