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Why aliens are hell and zombies are heaven [Steal This Pitch]

05 Mar
These days, two major scifi moneymakers are zombies and aliens. In books, TV shows, and movies, zombies are clawing at people's faces and aliens are perpetually jumping out of the shadows. Both types of movies have found popularity before, and now they're big again. But why? More »

The State of the Union Address 2011: the Infographically ‘Enhanced’ Version

25 Jan

You undoubtedly already know that U.S. President Barack Obama has released his State of the Union Address of the year 2011. What some of you might not be aware of though, is that the televised and streamed address also exists in a "enhanced" version.

The dual-screen version partly resembles a PowerPoint presentation in terms of conveying traditional lists of bullet points, quotes, facts or figures, but partly also tries to show the data-driven evidence behind some of themes that were addressed through different forms of data graphics.

Watch and browse trough the "enhanced" video below.


Filmography 2010: 270 movies mixed into one 6 min video

15 Dec

Genrocks's "Filmography 2010" remixes 270 of this year's big budget movies into "one giant ass video" -- six minutes of thematically linked, brilliantly edited loveliness.

Filmography 2010 (via Kottke)


$35 Per Ticket Movie Theater Comes With Valet Parking, Blankets And Slippers [Expensive]

03 Oct

That new luxury movie theater we told you about back in March will open Friday in affluent South Barrington, IL. At $35 a ticket, you're treated to valet parking, waiter service, individual reclining chairs, and should you require, blankets and slippers. And no, the food isn't included.

From the Daily Herald:

The theater's menu includes a full wine list, Dom Perignon champagne at $295 a bottle, and food items like duck tacos, Wagyu beef burgers and bleu cheese potato chips.

The South Barrington Gold Class Cinemas is the first in the country. Aside from South Barrington's, the company has theaters only overseas in Asia, Australia and Europe.

Targeting upscale clientele and businesses looking to hold private screenings, Gold Class officials said they hope to open 50 theaters across the country in the next five years.

Is $35 worth it?
( surveys)

Luxury theater opens Friday in South Barrington [Daily Herald]
(Photo: Getty)

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