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An amazing infographic explains what we’d have done with the 205 million gallons of oil if the Gulf Oil Spill hadn’t happened [Video]

27 Apr
Last year's Gulf Oil Spill released 205 million gallons of oil — such a huge amount, it's hard to get your mind around. To help conceptualize it, Chris Harmon created this amazing animated infographic. More »

Save Money By Starting A Fuel Oil Coop [Fuel Oil Coop]

27 Aug

To save money on heating costs this winter, consider joining or starting a fuel oil co-op. What's that?

When Barbara Troxell started one in 2004, she started by putting flyers in neighbors mailboxes. After getting about 14 people together, she started calling up dealers to see if they would offer a group rate discount. The group negotiated a $40 discount off a $179 annual plan, got downside price protection, with a pre-season boiler check included. Now the group is up to 50 people.Through collective buying power you can negotiate a better deal to buy in "bulk" than you can individually. For more info and tips on the nuts and bolts, check out this article.

How to Save Money by Starting a Fuel Oil Coop [Furnace Compare] (Photo: Getty)

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