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Showcase of Skyline Photography

15 Aug

Skylines and cityscapes are a common subject for photographs, and they are even frequently mimicked in web and graphic design (see Web Design Trends: Skylines and Cityscapes). Each city has it’s own unique characteristics, and in this post we’ll showcase 30 photographs of various skylines. This showcase includes HDR photos, night photos, water reflection photos, and more.

skyline photography

New York City by Fiorenzo Carozzi

skyline photography

Prague by Ian Britton

skyline photography

Venice by Vladimir Sklyarov

skyline photography

Sydney by leafinsectman

skyline photography

Seattle by Brent Smith

skyline photography

New York City by haley727

skyline photography

New York City by Fabien Bravin

skyline photography

Rotterdam by Bas Meelker

skyline photography

Auckland by Jannis Gundermann

skyline photography

Montreal by YuppiDu

skyline photography

San Francisco at David Scarbrough

skyline photography

St. Louis by jonmega

skyline photography

Singapore by Sebastian Kisworo

skyline photography

Montreal by slack12

skyline photography

Miami by vgm8383

skyline photography

Detroit by James Marvin Phelps

skyline photography

Hong Kong by Jim Trodel

skyline photography

Sydney by Peter Nijenhuis

skyline photography

Hong Kong by Brendan

skyline photography

Louisville by Kara B

skyline photography

Atlanta by Kay Gaensler

skyline photography

Sydney by Paul Hocksenar

skyline photography

Chicago by Isaac Singleton

skyline photography

Miami by HellFire Design

skyline photography

Miami by Matthew Paulson

skyline photography

London by Jim Trodel

skyline photography

Toronto by Abi K

skyline photography

Sydney by Corey Leopold

skyline photography

New York City by Geof Wilson

skyline photography

Toronto by Remi Carreiro

For more inspiration from photography please see:

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How to Take a Gorgeous Photo Like This on a Perfect Summer Night [How To]

05 Aug
Nothing says summer quite like a field full of fireflies on a starry night. And this beautiful long-exposure shot, which happened quite by accident, is actually pretty easy to replicate. Here's how: More »


Photo: Father and son at first and last Space Shuttle launches, 30 years apart

12 Jul

"Father and Son: STS-1 and STS-135," a photo by Chris Bray, who is the younger of the two in these side-by-side captures from the very first shuttle launch thirty years ago, and the final one, last Friday. "The picture we waited 30 years to complete."

(Flickr, via Reddit and Laughing Squid.)


Nom Pourflickr

11 Jul

A brilliant photo by Nom Pourflickr (He’d prefer to remain nameless).

Nom Pourflickr photographer photography


In-flight iPhone snaps Space Shuttle launch

17 May

The picture at right isn't something you see every day, and it's something there'll only be one more chance to capture: a Space Shuttle launch photographed from an in-flight passenger jet. Stefanie Gordon shot this image of the Space Shuttle Endeavour's launch with her iPhone as her plane descended for a landing.

The shot itself is a rare enough event, but what happened next was an eye-opener for the photographer. According to Mashable, within a few hours of uploading the launch pics to Twitter from her iPhone, Stephanie was getting phone calls from ABC, CNBC and the BBC. Her follower count on Twitter went up by over 1000, and she was getting so many @mentions as a result of the pic that she had to shut them off so her iPhone's battery didn't get drained.

Other people on the plane took pics, but apparently none of them uploaded them to Twitter. The real draw of this story isn't that the photo was taken with an iPhone -- people use the device to take extraordinary pics all the time -- but the colossal and immediate response the photographer got after sharing it. This scenario shows just how interconnected everything has become today thanks to devices like the iPhone, and it's a trend that's only going to become more powerful as more people start sharing information this way.

In-flight iPhone snaps Space Shuttle launch originally appeared on TUAW on Tue, 17 May 2011 09:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Beautiful Japan Photography by James Carmichael

05 May
These photographs were taken in different cities across Japan including Tokyo, Kyoto, Mount Fuji, Kanazawa and Koyasan by backpacker, photographer and web designer James Carmichael during a backpacking trip in August 2008.


40 Examples of Minimalist Photography

23 Mar

In this post we have put together 40 examples minimalist photography. Enjoy!!

rule of thirds

Lonely camel guide


Pool with frog

Right of Way

A singular man

Tree in cornfield

In transit 1


return as always


Less Is More



Minimalist Photography

Minimalist street lamp

Minimalist Photography

Minimalist Photography

Minimalist Photography

the docks

That is probably what we looked like during the flight to Europe…

Nothing Can Happen to Us

dust storm


El Pasillo Blanco

The trail..

Minimalist Photography


No One Else

Into the void

Car park in snow

Johnny Martyr



Shadow Games

ricciolo di cetriolo



Seeing the future in my crystal ball

Verde que te quiero verde…


Todd Mclellan

23 Feb

Todd Mclellan has been creating compelling images ever since his days in kindergarten fingerpainting class. Although the concept of exploded or deconstructed objects projected in freeze-frame isn’t necessarily original per se, I’ve never quite seen the concept so delicately executed as seen in his most recent works. Look see.


Photographer #205: Yang Yongliang

13 Jan
Yang Yongliang, 1980, China, approaches photography in a very unique way. He studied traditional Chinese art and calligraphy from an early age. He recreated Chinese Shanshui paintings with the use of a camera in order to express himself and the subjects that concern him. It is a combination of the layout of these traditional paintings with images of construction sites, cranes, traffic signs and more which he arranges in a way that from far they look just like an original painting, but when coming closer one can see the detailed photographs. On his website we can see the details of his masterpieces. The following images come from the series Artificial Wonderland, Viridescence, Phantom Landscape III and Phantom Landscape Pages.



Magic Software Re-Focuses Your Blurred Photos

06 Dec

Back when I used to spend time in the darkroom, somebody once asked me if they could cancel out their mis-focussed photos by just dialing the enlarger’s lens in the opposite direction. I laughed, but I couldn’t help wishing it was true.

25 years later, it can be done, not in wet darkroom but with your computer. A new Photoshop plugin from Topaz Labs corrects focus-blur, as well as motion-blur caused by camera-shake.

It does this by reverse-engineering the blur, using something called “image deconvolution technology”. This actually correct the blur instead of just increasing edge-sharpness, another technique which makes photos appear sharper, but does nothing to fix them.

There’s a 30-day free trial for the InFocus plugin (the software costs $70 otherwise), so I gave it a quick test drive, with pretty bad results. It seems that every image I tried it with ended up with speckly artifacts all over it. Images with more detail fair better: an out-of-focus portrait doesn’t fare as well as a detailed architectural shot, for instance.

It’s worth a try, and the sample images on the site show that, in practiced hands, it works well. But more important is what it means for digital photography. With imaging tech always improving, otherwise hopeless photos could be saved in the future. You’d better go out and buy another hard-drive to store all the photos you’d otherwise toss out: if you wait long enough, some piece of software will come along and turn it into a masterpiece.

Topaz InFocus product page [Topaz Labs]

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