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What Would You Say to Bush, McCain, or Obama?

13 Sep

What Would You Say To The President is an eminently simple invention, whose purpose is mostly just to reserve a place for messages addressed to the political names that either currently reside in the White House or might reside there in several months’ time.

Seeing as how we are less than two months away from the U.S. presidential election in November, you may well consider it worth a brief account registration (or OpenID login) to leave the sitting executive or his potential successor a note or a perhaps even a video memo denoting a personal though, civic-minded or otherwise.

There are some extras to browse in addition to the central post roll, from news delivered  by way of the current administration and blogs covering odd bits of information with close or peripheral relevance to the CinC. Or, within the places established for Democratic nominee Barack Obama and Republican nominee John McCain, news and blogs pertaining to their campaigns for office. Altogether, however, the website makes for a quick visit, and so far the content presented by users is readable insofar as political discourse is concerned. Rhetoric of all sorts is in evidence, but nothing profane.

The aspect most appreciable is its singular purpose, which is to offer a slate on which to write, in short or at length. Jason Brown of WWYSTTP tells Mashable that messages will be delivered according to their intended recipients; Dana Perino, White House Press Secretary, or the Republican or Democratic nominees. Make of this pledge what you will.

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