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This is what the patent for a dinosaur suit looks like [Video]

03 Sep
ON-ART Corp., Tokyo ("a top artistic structure airbrush paint production company in Japan") have just been granted their US patent (7,997,991 B2) for a "Costume suit of large size animal." More »

What happens in our brain when we see banknotes being ripped up? [Neuroscience]

20 Mar
Or, put another way, "Is our attitude to money like that to any other tool even though its use is symbolic and is not implemented in its physical structure?" More »

Take the ultimate intelligence test [Brains]

01 Nov
You might think it's obvious that one person is smarter than another. But there are few more controversial areas of science than the study of intelligence and, in reality, there's not even agreement among researchers about what this word means. More »

A computer learns the hard way: By reading the Internet [Artificial Intelligence]

08 Oct
At Carnegie-Mellon university, a massive computer system called NELL (Never Ending Language Learner) is systematically reading the internet and analyzing sentences for semantic categories and facts, teaching itself English and educating itself in human affairs. We spoke to NELL's creators. More »

Websites for scifi’s most famous evil corporations, based on real-life corporate websites [Design]

03 Sep
The best science fiction movies are only as good as the evil corporations they feature. But what sort of websites would Weyland-Yutani or OCP have? Artist Mikko Vartio imagines their websites, with a noticeable resemblance to some real-life corporate sites. More »