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The true meaning of The Singularity

21 Sep

The true meaning of The Singularity – The true nature of Ray Kurzweil's “Singularity” is not some army of post-apocalpytic robot overlords stomping and rolling across a nuked cityscape of wind-blasted rubble and skyscraper stumps zapping errant humans with noisy laser beams. It's a world of smug electronic umbrella-stands, digital lawnmowers that unfriend you on Facebook if you pave your garden, and web-enabled sofas that refuse the dust-busting attentions of automated vacuum cleaners…

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Semiconductors threaded with nerve cells could be the first step toward biological computers [Cyborgs]

18 Mar
We assumed that in the future humans, or other biological entities, would receive mechanical or electronic 'upgrades'. It looks like it could be the other way around. Machines might be getting biological upgrades. More »