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Solar-powered hornet is the Superman of the animal kingdom [Mad Biology]

13 Feb
Plants use photosynthesis to turn sunlight into energy every single day. This ability appeared to be completely unknown in the animal kingdom, leaving the living solar battery that is Superman as the only animal to ever harness the sun's rays for power. But now we've discovered that a type of hornet is doing its own homegrown photosynthesis, absorbing sunlight and turning it into useful energy. It's the first animal we've ever discovered that possesses this ability...and we might be able to harness our own version of it for alternative energy. More »

Self-dusting solar panels to make life a whole lot easier

22 Aug
Self-dusting solar panels to make life a whole lot easier

It makes perfect sense to build a solar power plant in the middle of the desert - after all, that place gets a whole lot of sun throughout the day (even better if someone could come up with the technology to convert heat into electricity). After all, land is really cheap, but the downside to this would be the insane amounts of dust, dirt and wind which could result in dirty solar panels faster than you can clean them, reducing the efficiency by a pretty large margin. Of course, having someone clean those panels in the sweltering heat is definitely not a job most people would be willing to do, which is why the next best thing would be self-dusting solar panels. These are made possible thanks courtesy of an electric charge that is provided by the solar panels themselves. Who says that space travel to Mars have yielded nothing? Such technology was derived from the self-dusting solar panels used on the rovers which were sent to Mars. It takes just two minutes to remove around 90% of the dust deposited on the panels.

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