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Saturn’s moon Rhea may have a breathable atmosphere [Future Space Colony]

25 Nov
Saturn's icy moon Rhea has an oxygen and carbon dioxide atmosphere that is very similar to Earth's. Even better, the carbon dioxide suggests there's life - and that possibly humans could breathe the air. More »

We’re Running Out of Chocolate [Chocolate]

09 Nov
At the rate we're going, chocolate is going to be a rare—and extremely pricey—commodity within the next twenty years. Somebody needs to light a fire under those Oompa-Loompas, stat. More »


A robot uprising comedy from Jack Black and the director of Hot Tub Time Machine? [Exclusive]

22 Oct
Now that Steven Spielberg is adapting Daniel H. Wilson's Robopocalypse, another Wilson book is becoming a movie. Jack Black and Hot Tub Time Machine director Steve Pink have scooped up the rights to How To Survive A Robot Uprising. More »

New evidence that Alzheimer’s disease is infectious [Brains]

22 Oct
Alzheimer's disease is caused in part by a build-up of protein debris in the brain. Scientists already knew that this protein debris, called amyloid peptides, is infectious. But now it turns out that it's easier to catch than they thought. More »

How it feels to be crushed at the center of the Earth [Earth Science]

14 Oct
At the center of our planet, heat and pressure are so tremendous that even the structure of iron is transformed. Now, using lasers and diamonds, researchers have reproduced those conditions in the lab. And discovered something they'd always suspected. More »

Cosmic strings are super-massive, ultra-thin cracks in the universe [Mad Astrophysics]

12 Oct
Cosmic strings are theoretical fault lines in the universe, defective links between different regions of space created in the moments after the Big Bang. And they might be theoretical no longer - distant quasars show the fingerprints of these strings. More »

The smell of freshly-cut grass is actually a plant distress call [Mad Science]

26 Aug
The lovely scent of cut grass is the reek of plant anguish: When attacked, plants release airborne chemical compounds. Now scientists say plants can use these compounds almost like language, notifying nearby creatures who can "rescue" them from insect attacks. More »

We may have been looking at the wrong DNA for the secrets of longevity [Mad Genomics]

05 Aug
In each cell nucleus, hidden in our massive strands of human DNA, lies the secret of longevity. Or so we thought. But tiny rings of mitochondrial DNA, responsible for coding just 13 proteins, might actually hold the key. More »

What Caffeine Actually Does to Your Brain [Explainer]

13 Jul
For all of its wild popularity, caffeine is one seriously misunderstood substance. It's not a simple upper, and it works differently on different people with different tolerances—even in different menstrual cycles. But you can make it work better for you. More »


100+ amazing pieces of Star Wars concept art [Concept Art]

20 Jun
You can't celebrate the awesomeness of concept art without paying special tribute to Star Wars. Ralph McQuarrie's paintings for the original trilogy inspired every concept artist today, and the prequels and video games' art was eye-popping. Here are our favorites. More »