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Darth Vader Goes to Disneyland

05 Aug

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To promote the newly-opened Star Tours at Disneyland, Darth Vader himself came to check it out. The problem? It wasn’t quiiiiite ready. What’s a Sith Lord to do? Explore the park, obviously.

You can also see lots of sweet extended cuts:
Darth at the Sword in the Stone
Darth watches a parade
Darth on the tea cups
Darth walks through Sleeping Beauty Castle
Darth at a dance party

Link via Disney Parks Blog


World’s Happiest Penguin

30 Dec

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While some complain about the snow, this little guy dances for joy! Or maybe he just really likes the song “Auld Lang Syne.” It’s a Happy Feet New Year! -Thanks, özi!


Twitter Mood Map of the United States

22 Jul

(YouTube Link)

This time-lapse video shows the changing moods of people in America over the course of a day, as ascertained by emotional keywords that they use on Twitter. It was created by computer scientist Alan Mislove at Northeastern University in Boston:

Mislove speculates that a signal shines though because the sheer abundance of data means that occasional misinterpretations are lost in the crowd. Bryan Routledge at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, agrees. With colleagues, he recently used a similarly simple analysis of words in tweets to determine whether Twitter mirrors conventional opinion polls. “The volume is massive, so the subtle stuff kind of washes out,” he says.

Because Twitter data is publicly available, Routledge says mood can be sampled more quickly, simply and cheaply than using traditional polling tools – albeit more crudely.

Steven Gray at University College London, who also crowdsources data through Twitter, agrees. For all of the problems with decoding the data, “Twitter offers researchers a unique, live data set that changes by the minute”, he says.

Link via Geekosystem | Project Website | Previously: Tweet Sleeve: Wear Your Emotions on Your Sleeve


King Leonidas vs. Chuck Norris

12 Jul

(YouTube Link)

Who will win in this grand battle between the toughest, most savage men ever?

Judging from the visual style and sound effects, I’d guess that this video was created by the same Russian ad agency responsible for the Mario vs. Pac-Man video.

via Digg | Previously: Super Chuck Norris Bros.


New Old Spice Ad

30 Jun

(YouTube link)

I think you’ll like this new ad starring Isaiah Mustafa as as much as the original that aired during the Super Bowl. -via reddit