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Time-lapse video condenses last night’s blizzard into 40 seconds [Video]

27 Dec
Last night's blizzard was by no means the worst the East Coast's ever weathered, but it's definitely hypnotic to watch 20 hours of snow smushed into under a minute. [Michael Black] More »

How does the Sun create a pillar of light in the sky? [Weirdweather]

16 Oct
The right weather conditions can send pillars of light shooting up across the sky. Find out how nature forms its own spotlights. More »

August is always hot, but this heat is unprecedented

20 Aug
It's been so hot this month that ... • The average monthly temperature of 88.3 degrees is eight tenths of a degree warmer than any previous August on Houston record. • This month is on pace to become the warmest...

Why are clouds white? [Madscience]

10 Jul
Water is clear. The sky is blue. So why are clouds white? And if regular clouds are white, why are rain clouds gray? More »