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The Most Popular Presentations of 2010 [REPORT]

30 Dec

Popular presentation-sharing website Slideshare posted its annual Zeitgeist summary Thursday, bringing some interesting data to the fore.

For instance, presentations written in Japanese have the highest average number of slides (42), women use fewer slides than men in their presentations and the longest presentation uploaded in 2010 is 1,937 slides long.

This year’s report also laid out some data about the 1,000 most popular presentations on its site this year:

  • Popular Presentations Use a Lot of Slides: The total number of slides in the top 1,000 slide decks has about 63 slides per presentation. The average number of slides for all presentations is 19.
  • Popular Presentations Use Few Words: Popular presentations use about 24 words per slide.
  • There’s Something About Keynote: While only 2% of all presentations were made in Apple Keynote this year, almost 16% of those in the top 1,000 were made in Keynote.

If you’re interested in digging deeper into what makes a presentation so good that people want to share it, check out the most popular presentations of 2010. Eighty-two slide Social Media for Business came in first, followed by Steal This Presentation, which is appropriately a presentation about how to give presentations.

The entire Zeitgeist slideshow is available below:

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