EyeWriter Allows Man To Paint Despite Paralysis [This Cyborg Life]

13 Nov

Before disease took his ability to move, Tony Quan was an amazing graffiti artist. Now he is completely paralyzed, save for his eyes, and still an amazing artist. Seeing how he works left me with tear-streaked cheeks.

Beautiful, isn't it? Art, whether in the form of graffiti or coffee, is an individual's contribution to humanity. And the incredible people behind the EyeWriter Initiative are making sure that not even paralysis, like Tony's, stops someone from making such a creative contribution.The project is an open-source collaboration which seeks to continue building on their low-cost eye-tracking system and they've even got instructions for a DIY version of the EyeWriter. [Eyewriter via Infosthetics]

This week, Gizmodo is exploring the enhanced human future in a segment we call This Cyborg Life. It's about what happens when we treat our body less as a sacred object and more as what it is: Nature's ultimate machine.