10+ Places Where Designers Can Upload and Host Their Work for Free

09 Feb

As designers we work hard to produce work with unparalleled uniqueness, and sometimes we need a place to upload, store, and share our work. Anything further than that, of course, is a plus. The only thing that can be somewhat as hard as producing quality work, is actually finding a place where you can upload your work with ease and one that gives you the option to share with others for great exposure. Below we’ve outlined over 10 websites that allow designers to upload and host their work for free.

We tried to focus on sites that are geared towards designers, and steered clear of massive sites like Photobucket and Flickr. We then ranked them for each websites quality and ease of use. The sites aren’t in any particular order. If you’d like to share any sites or thoughts, let us know in the form of a comment below!


upload and host your work free

CarbonMade is a place where you can display and show off your portfolio. You’ll be able to easily manage every image that you upload with the use of a simple and clean interface. You can fill your portfolio with images, flash, videos and more! You’re also allowed to organize your projects however you’d like, style the visual properties of your portfolio, keep track of visitors, share with everyone in the Carbonmade community and anyone else. You can sign-up for the free plan (Meh) that comes with 5 projects and 35 images, or you can sign-up for Whoo pro-plan allowing you to upload over 50 projects, 500 hi-resolution images, and 10 high-quality videos to your profile.

Ranking: 2

Deviant Art

upload and host your work free

deviantART is one of the largest online communities for designers that allow you to upload countless designs, typography work, photography’s and digital art all for free. You can upload, share, and also find almost any sort of art. The site is easy to navigate and simple to use. Your categories are on the left-hand side, and on the top right-hand side you’ll find menu options such as your portfolio, critiques, collections, chatting, niche specific groups, and much more! You’re able to upload and create your own profiles and manage your portfolios by adding galleries and blogs. Overall, deviantArt provides a wide range of quality services for artists that allows your profile to gain great exposure.

Ranking: 1


upload and host your work free

Coroflot is one of the largest and most established, most diverse pool of professional creative portfolios around the world. With Coroflot you’re able to upload all of your work and turn it into a portfolio for everyone to see. Join over 150,000 designers and creatives hosting over 1.4 million images. Coroflot users are industrial, graphic, fashion, interior, textile and interaction designers; 3D modeling and rendering specialists; architects, illustrators, art directors, design managers, and dozens of other disciplines. Coroflot was started by designers, and is still run by designers.

Ranking: 4


upload and host your work free

ShareDen aims to facilitate and systematize the process of having to upload and download important files for designers, developers, creatives, and anyone else. They can host all of your coding files, full applications, Photoshop files, images, audio, movie clips and more. Essentially they aim to make it easier for you to upload and download your files without interruptions. The service is 100% free and you receive unlimited space for storage and the advantage to upload files at a speed that rivals that of most file sharing services.

Ranking: 10

Behance Network

upload and host your work free

The Behance Network is a website where designers, artists, and creatives can come and upload their work in order to get noticed and host a portfolio. However, you have to request an invitation, and if invited, you will receive a URL and you will also be able to interact with other designers. Using the Behance Network you’ll gain great exposure and it’s a wonderful venue to display your work in.

Ranking: 3

Illy Pads

upload and host your work free

IllyPads allows you to upload all of your art into its gallery and lets everyone who visits the site view your work. You’re able to upload creative illustrations, drawings, various paintings and more. And while you’re uploading your work, you can even take some time out to get inspired by all the other art. Search by topic or tags and have others comment on your work for valuable critique that may help you improve.

Ranking: 8


upload and host your work free is an innovative way to upload your entire portfolio and publish it online. Top-hat employers such as MTV, Apple, Nike and more will be able to avidly search the database and possibly find themselves face to face with your work. Krop’s basic service is free with a 10 image limit, however their PRO service allows you unlimited images, styling of your gallery, domain mapping, RSS and video embedding for 10USD per month. With Krop your uploaded work is mostly turned into a self-serve resume that’s out in the open to thousands to see.

Ranking: 5


upload and host your work free

Shadowness began as a personal art project in 2001. Today, it has grown into an art community with over 50,000 artists and designers worldwide to an audience of millions of viewers. Their vision is to create a simple and powerful tool for artists and designers to connect and share their work. Shadowness will allow you to upload work into your very own portfolio, organize your work the way you’d like, you’re able to share links, follow others and get followed, study popular trends, and make use of their simple navigation that features endless scroll.

Ranking: 11

Fig Dig

upload and host your work free

FigDig features are designed to make it easy for others to find, view and enjoy your work. You’re able to upload and view high definition portfolio samples, create a specified profile page, be featured on the sites front page, and search others through keywords. FigDig is a great way to host your work for free, and gain some exposure while you’re at it.

Ranking: 9

Design Related

upload and host your work free

design:related is a community site and inspiration tool that brings together creative people from different disciplines (and parts) of the design world. design:related serves to motivate designers to share ideas, inspire, and be inspired. Your profile contains most of the features and services that you would need to properly and effectively upload your work. design:related is a community centered by prominent designers and upcoming artists. You can create your free profile at anytime.

Ranking: 6

Profesional on the Web

upload and host your work free

Professional on the Web is a fresh directory where web agencies and freelancers can list their profiles, easily upload and manage the showcasing of their projects. They manage to keep the directory as focused as possible to get the most number of professionals listed in their directory. Signing up with an account is free and employers can subscribe to the RSS so that their able to stay updated whenever you upload any new projects.

Ranking: 12


upload and host your work free

SHOWN’D aims to provide users with a centralized hub to maintain a portfolio and secure employment. Their powerful tools and clean design makes sure to keep the focus on the artist and their vision. Employers benefit from the vast array of creative professionals and artwork displayed on the web site as well as the tools provided for sorting through the various showcases. Artists from the entire creative spectrum, from architects to writers, make SHOWN’D their home.

Ranking: 7

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