Buzzing The Blimps Had Become A Popular Diversion In The Spaceport [Concept Art]

24 Feb

Offworlder pilots who had no intention of returning to the planet took bets on who could buzz the local freight and commuter blimps without getting ticketed. The trick was to clear the gravity well before the authorities arrived.

Nobody ever talked about the times when an unlucky pilot came in too close.

Concept artist M.C. Barrett says:

I am a nerd artist. I work at ArenaNet, drawing monsters and castles and such for people to do magic to and make them into a game called Guild Wars.

You can see the Guild Wars influence in these images, but they are awesome on their own.

See more of Barrett's work on his blog.

(Thanks for the tip, Thomas Scholes!)

Baby dromaeosaur. Cute little guy.

I love this image of cities carved into the ground rather than rising above it.

Robotic evil princess?
The slug giraffe is going to kick dinoshark's puny ass.