Newborn Babies Now Crawling in Infographical Data

18 Mar

"This is a baby generating data in a neonatal ward", according to the latest commercial by IBM. It did remind me that I will need to interpret the visualization of my newborn daughter as soon as I come home today. Now, if we only could synchronize our time-varying trends at night and have less outliers, all would be well...

"The team built custom code that translates spreadsheets of raw numerical data -- derived, in the case of 'Data Baby', from a newborn's respiratory, heart rate, blood pressure, EKG, oxygen saturation, and temperature readings -- into motion paths that move and evolve design elements organically across image sequences. In the spot, patterns gently float up in-frame, seemingly from the surface of a newborn baby resting in a neonatal ward. Ethereal CG life patterns, fractal-like shapes and other visual expressions flow upwards to form a stylized mobile that is captured as a reflection in the baby's eye. These beautiful design elements warmly envelop the baby, delivering an authentic visual representation of the myriad pieces of data made available to doctors with the help of IBM technology." More detailed information at Motion Theory and Pitch Engine.

This, and a few more commercials in the same line of reasoning, are available below. Be sure not to miss the funny behind-the-screens documentary (.mov) of the Data Baby commercial.

Via Motionographer and Fast Company.

Thnkx Peter!