Install a local email SMTP Server with Mercury

23 Aug

Page edited by Ben Shoemate

Step by step instructions to install a local email server.

What it does
At the end of these steps you will have an email server running on your computer. That is an email account that people can send email to and you can check it or send email to other people. It will be running on port 25 which is not secure, but good for development and other tasks (like migrating email).


  • Test sever to send email in local development
  • Set up local email box to upload old email to Gmail or other cloud based email services


1) Download the software for windows - (or go to - and get the one marked - Mercury/32 Mail Transport System for Win32 and NetWare Systems v4.72)

2) Run it

3) Go through the steps of the wizard, here are the screen shots.

4) Launch it - go to start, Program Files, Mercury for Win 32
(you may want to rearrange your windows) go to windows > Tile

5) Configure to route mail sent locally to the web. Your going to use gmail to send mail.

6) Create some user mailboxes: Configuration > Manage Local Users

7) Congrats - you now have an email server running at localhost, on port 25 and an email address test@localhost
8) to test it