Urchin 7 64-bit Released!

13 Sep
Do you need self-hosted analytics software? In some cases, particularly with intranets and other behind-the-firewall web services, running your own internal analytics application is the only way to access to usage data. In other cases, company or agency policy may prohibit the use of hosted analytics.

But whatever the reason, if you need self-hosted web analytics software, you need Urchin.
And like Google Analytics, it keeps getting better. Case in point: now available, a new version: Urchin 7. Urchin 7 represents the pinnacle of web analytics software, with a feature set only Google Analytics can compete with.

Check out these new features:
  • 64-bit CPU support
  • Parallel log processing
  • 1000 domains/unlimited logs
  • 100% new UI
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Event Tracking
  • Permalinks
  • API v. 2
  • Price: US$9995
Please see the Urchin 7 Features page for more information, or download Urchin 7 today. Please note that Urchin 7 is sold exclusively through the global network of Urchin Certified Partners.

Posted by Scott Crosby, Urchin Team