The Large Pocket Shirt, For The Tablet Enthusiast

06 Dec

So the Galaxy Tab and a few other devices are just small enough to fit into a back pocket (some back pockets, anyway) but what about an iPad or similar device? Where are you supposed to put that, if you’re just going out to the store and don’t want to carry a bag, yet somehow still want to have your iPad with you?

My friend, allow me to introduce the Large Pocket Shirt.

It’s a white shirt with one big-ass pocket on it. What can you put in the pocket? Many things. iPads, notepads, bag lunches, baby kangaroos — the possibilities are so much greater than regular-size pockets. You could even put a spare Large Pocket Shirt in the pocket. That would blow some minds.

They cost $30 each — shipping is free and they’ll be available on the 10th.

[via The Awesomer]


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