How to Significanty Increase Your Blog Subscribers

09 Feb

Your most important asset as a blogger is not the people who visit your blog daily or those who comment on your blog but those who take the pain and time to subscribe to your blog so that they can be receiving more updates from you in the future. A lot of bloggers now make a very deadly blogging mistake of focusing on getting more daily visitors instead of subscribers. Your subscribers are the ones who trust you, they’re the ones who read your content regularly and truly know you and they are the ones that will most likely take action based on what you preach or buy from you in the nearest future. This post will be giving you some tips to significantly improve your blog subscribers.

Focus on Getting Quality Traffic

There are many factors that come into place as far as increasing your blog subscribers is concerned; one factor is conversion and another major factor is the quality of the traffic you get. You shouldn’t expect to see any significant conversion if your traffic are from paid to click sites, pop unders or other aggressive traffic generation strategies.  Trust is a major factor that has to be associated with any traffic you get before there can be any significant result; for example, if someone like Darren Rowse interviews me or writes a post in which he encourages his readers to visit and subscribe to my blog it will bring more results than from someone discovering my blog through a comment on another blog even if they result in the same number of visitors.

There are a lot of ways to get quality traffic and I wrote a post here recently on getting quality traffic – I suggest you read it. While tactics are great and sometimes important real results only come from trust. There will be more interaction and result when people start spreading the word about you and encouraging others to read your blog. This type of traffic can only be gotten by you producing great content that builds trust with your readers.

Have a Great Design

It doesn’t matter how great your content is you also need a great design. While you can give a lot of examples of people writing great content with bad design the truth is that many of these bloggers are getting less results than they would have gotten if they had a better design.

People need to be able to interact with your site and not just read your content. A great design makes it easy for people to share your content and spread the word about your blog, a great design makes it easy for people to locate your subscription options and subscribe to your blog and a great design makes your content more presentable.

I saw this in action recently when I paid a custom designer to help me make a unique design for my blog; this design was recently released and since its release I have noticed a significant increase in the number of people subscribing to my blog. In fact, the number of people subscribing to my blog daily have doubled and this was only possible because of the great design my blog has.

Be Transparent

The internet is a free world where any content can easily be circulated, the internet isn’t censored and anybody from anywhere in the world can easily set up a blog and begin to teach people what he/she knows nothing about. A great way to significantly increase the number of people subscribing to your blog is by letting people know that you can be trusted and the best way to do this is by being transparent on your blog.

I recently started displaying my income report on my blog every month, ever since then I have noticed a significant increase in my subscriber base (especially on the first day) and my first income report is my most popular post this year – it still keeps on getting links and traffic even after a month of me posting it.

You don’t necessarily need to be displaying your income report on your blog since our reasons and aims for blogging are different and what we want to achieve is different. All you need to do is look for a way to build credibility on your blog, this can be by showing live examples of the results you get, by doing a lot of things to prove that you truly know what you’re saying and by getting true expert endorsement for your work.

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