Video: JIRA with an IT Consultant

10 Feb

Today we hosted a webinar with Gregory Kneller, IT Consultant, who helps companies arrange effective collaboration on projects and tasks. This is a fantastic overview to JIRA and its numerous use cases!

Gregory walked us through his use of JIRA for general business purposes. He uses JIRA for sharing project documents, tracking work, time and user roles as well as for business intelligence. Gregory covered his implementation approach and user training. He also explains how JIRA has helped pave the agile road towards BPMS.

While providing a concrete example of helping BPS Bavaria Property Services GmbH, Gregory detaied his customization of some JIRA fields to help non-IT business users. I found it especially clever and useful to change 'Project' to 'Department', 'Assignee' to 'Responsible', 'Reporter' to 'Customer' and 'Watchers' to 'Stakeholders.' In this example, these custom fields made more sense for this user.

Watch the video now to learn more about JIRA and some other tips for making it work for your particular use case:

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