Enterprise Dependency: Big Ball of Yarn

07 Mar

Not too long ago, I posted The Enterprise Dependency. Essentially, it was a visual depiction of a good ole' enterprise framework that was "several dozen megabytes chock full of helper classes like IEnterpriseAuthenticationProviderFactoryManagementFactory." Inspired by the diagram, commenter "LieutenantFrost" shared his own "enterprise-ness and despair" with a dependency diagram that looks somewhat like an anglerfish.

But that got me thinking: like a Representative Line, perhaps dependency diagrams can help provide some insight into the pain that large applications' maintainers face each day. And just then, Jan-Hendrik sent in such a diagram. Note that each little box represents a class, and a line is its dependency to another class.

Jan added, "as people were introducing me to the code, they repeatedly said that parts of the system were so complex that no one dared touch it. My code dependency analyzer (X-Ray) generated this this beautiful spidery ball of fun."

If you have a dependency diagram of your own that would be a good fit for Enterprise Dependency, please send it to me!